A keepsake to hold on to.

Hearts in Hands is connecting people who love each other through the power of touch.


Hearts in Hands offers an easy-to-use kit to create a bondee– a personal keepsake in the form of loved one’s handprint.

Our easy to use set makes it possible to create a very personal keepsake of a loved one – a bondee.

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The real stories are written by life itself. We would appreciate your comments and photos showing how this intimate keepsake has impacted you and your loved ones. 

“My son was never a big fan of teddys. So he is not a child that could be comforted by familiar objects. But when he made a bondee for his dad, he didn’t want to give it away. He said it was his lucky charm now and that he had a good feeling holding his own hand. The bondee now also accompanies my son while he falls asleep – and for the first time he seems to have found something that calms him down! Thank you for this great idea!❤❤ “ Michaela

“I did a cast today with my 99 year old mother. As you can see from the picture, she studied the instructions carefully and agreed to have a cast made. I then mixed and pre-kneaded the mass. My mother was a little cramped and clenched her hand very tightly. She ignored the fact that it wasn’t necessary, or rather her biography got through – she was always used to knuckle down.” Rainer

“A fantastic set! The children not only had great fun kneading, but it was also really easy to use. The perfect gift for grandma’s birthday- so that she can always have the two with her :-). Beautiful packaging and with the little bag- perfect as a gift!! Thank you!!” 🥰🥰🥰🥰” Sophie       

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