A keepsake to hold on to.

Hearts in Hands is connecting people who love each other through the power of touch.


Hearts in Hands offers an easy-to-use kit to create a personal keepsake in the form of loved one’s handprint.

The keepsake

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The real stories are written by life itself. We would appreciate your comments and photos showing how this intimate keepsake has impacted you and your loved ones. 

“Unfortunately, my mum fell seriously ill some time ago. She’s doing better again but the idea of losing her one day is devastating. So last time before I travelled abroad, I made two two handprints of her — one for me and one for my sister. Having done that, I was able to leave a bit more relaxed. Because if something had happened in my absence, I would at least have had this keepsake. And I know, at some point, it is going to be all that is left.” Catharina

“Since having two little nieces and living far away from my family, I want to do my best to hold on to our close relationship. I quickly realized, however, that only communicating through a phone screen without any physical element is strange and irritating to small children. After leaving my bondee behind during my last visit home, I was told that it is now an essential part of my nieces’ toy box and that ‘aunty Anja’ is now always included during play time.” Anja

We hope you enjoy our Hearts in Hands project as much as we do! Would you like to share your experiences with your personal bondee? Please send your pictures and your story to stories@hearts-in-hands.at.

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