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Behind the scenes @ Hearts in Hands

Many lovely people are involved in our project! Artists, photographers, graphic designers, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, children, friends – people who are inspired by an idea that is all about love for each other.

It all started during my time in London, when my mother missed her grandson’s little hand. Then came the lockdown and you were no longer allowed to hold hands.
Hard times make you inventive and as a sculptor I created a counter-design to social distancing: Hearts in Hands!
Our DIY set is now available for all those who miss each other, love each other or are simply looking for a very personal gift. It’s also perfect for all those who simply want to hold their own hand in stressful situations – because that’s what fits best!
Translated with (free version) 😉

Catharina Bond Anja Frei Hearts in Hands


At this point I would also like to thank:

My mother Heidi Coreth: not only hand model of the first hour with the softest skin and the wrinkliest hands I know, but also financial main supporter of this heart project!

Agnes Steiner for our great corporate design and her accuracy! Büro AGS

Gregor Hofbauer for simply the best photos! Gregor Hofbauer Photography

David Gottschalk for the great realisation of the website and the patience with my many requests! dG dev e.U. Multimedia Design

Vanessa Mucha-Trnavsky and her All About You PR team for the professional support in press and communication! All About You PR

Anna Schmidrathner and Victoria Jesionek from Broke Solutions – my social media salvation! Broke Solutions

Dr. Katzenstein for the texts, the editing and the patience with/without my commas! If there are still mistakes here, it’s because she hasn’t read it yet!

Last but not least: Anja Frei, staff member and trailblazer from the very beginning! Thank you for subjecting my actionist-artistic tendencies to the necessary reality check! And thank you for your beautiful hands! One of them has already made it into the Kurier!

Catharina Bond

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