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How does it work?

Step 1
Get a Hearts in Hands kit and any extra jars you need for friends and family. We recommend 1 set of jars for 2 bondees (1 kit contains 1 set). 

The kit contains:
2 jars of premium kneading mass
2 wooden spoons (you can also use any other teaspoon)
1 linen bag to keep the new treasure safe
1 step-by-step guide

Step 2
Time to get your hands involved! Take a look at our included step-by-step guide to learn how easy it is to turn a palm into a precious memory — your personal bondee.

Step 3
Open it, mix it, hold it!
Mix the 2 contents of the jars together according to the manual. It should have an even colour. Then close your hand until your bondee is cured. Depending on the type of set, this can take 5 or 8 minutes.

Happy hearting!

Be creative!

Whether it’s your favourite piece of jewellery, a power stone or a pendant – there are no limits when it comes to individualising your bondee!

How is it done?

After both components are mixed well, you can press small objects into the still soft material. For objects with a smooth surface, simply attach a screw with superglue.

DIY Set for a soft 3D handprint a bondee to hold on to Hearts in Hands
a soft 3D handprint a bondee with pokemon toy Hearts in Hands
Creation of a soft 3D handprint a bondee Hearts in Hands
soft 3D handprint a bondee with best friend pendant Hearts in Hands
creative personal necklace with a pendant in form of a handprint of a loved one
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