We have dedicated our work to making people who miss each other just a little happier.

Hold– Hold on to the memories of your loved ones.

Bond – Give shape to the bond you have with them. 

Keep – Take this feeling of safety with you wherever you go.

Give – Pass on your love.

Founder of Hearts in Hands,
Catharina Bond

Our Story

Our story begins locally in London; temporally, it has its origin in the middle of the pandemic. The physical distance to my family and a tragic Covid death in my circle of friends made me realise the great value a mere touch or handshake of a loved one can have.

From an art project at the Royal College of Art, in which I produced 3D handprints, a far-reaching project has developed that serves to bring people who love each other closer – especially in difficult times.

Hearts in Hands. A keepsake to hold on to.

We are a small team of 6 hands, 3 heads, a few wrinkles and a lot of passion for detail.

Founder and mastermind Catharina has often attracted negative attention with her wrinkled hands. During the pandemic, however, she noticed with delight that these many wrinkles look particularly attractive on a putty imprint.

Anja likes to let off steam creatively and sometimes gets her hands dirty in the process. At Hearts in Hands, she lets her creativity flow into various areas and oversees marketing, logistics and colour management.

Katharina prefers to use her hands for writing and drawing. At Hearts in Hands, she is primarily responsible for the right choice of words and ensuring a smooth production process. 

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