Your bondee

We often use a simple handshake to show our affection for a loved one. Once we are apart, we miss nothing more than exactly that: holding each other’s hand.
With Hearts in Hands, we made it our goal to give this universal gesture of love a material form. We lovingly named the result bondee, a tangible and perceptible memento to hold in your hand, carry with you and recharge your batteries with.
Hearts in Hands offers an easy-to-use kit to create a personal keepsake in the form of a loved one’s hand print. For this purpose, we have developed a special self-hardening modelling compound with a skin-like and smooth consistency.
With our box, you’re just moments away from creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake for yourself or to give as a present.

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How does it work?

Step 1
Get a Hearts in Hands kit and any extra jars you need for friends and family. We recommend 1 set of jars per person (1 kit contains 1 set). 

The kit contains:
2 jars of premium kneading mass
1 wooden spoon (you can also use any other teaspoon)
1 linen bag to keep the new treasure safe
1 step-by-step guide

Step 2
Time to get your hands involved! Take a look at our included step-by-step guide to learn how easy it is to turn a palm into a precious memory — your personal bondee.

Step 3
Open it, mix it, hold it!
Mix the 2 contents of the jars together for 2 minutes and simply hold them in your hand for 10 minutes. The easiest way to do this is to listen to 3 of your favorite songs* while holding your hand closed — it should take 10-12 minutes depending on the length of the songs.

* It is ok if you loop THE favourite one!

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